Sopa Paraguaya or “When Everything is an Adventure”

I’m not sure where my fear of having a boring life came from, but it’s definitely been one of the forces behind how I make my choices. Admittedly, fearing the fear of the unknown isn’t the best decision-making process (although I’m not sure that fear of the unknown is that much better). Nevertheless, the thing about being here, where I knew no one before I came, where I barely had even a miniscule agenda (more on why this is so hard later), where I didn’t even have a guidebook (because no one writes guidebooks to this country… all I could do was read a measly chapter in “[Blank] Guide to South America”) is that everything is unknown and everything is new.

Including “sopa paraguaya” which is an entire misnomer since really it’s cornbread with cheese.

And as to my complete discomfort with having no agenda? Perhaps this is but one manifestation of my very strong J-ness on the Meyers-Briggs temperament sorter (what am I talking about? Check it out:here and here and here-- I have to say, however, that the description of 'The Giver' is annoyingly cloyingly blech... but maybe kinda a little bit true). I, of course, must invent various projects: taking photos of political graffiti, doing a critical reading of the way Paraguay is depicted in its own tourist literature, and hopefully hopefully hopefully getting myself to a yerbal, an orchard where they grow yerba for maté.

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