Incontrovertible and Incredible: Lugo Wins, Colorados Admit Defeat

Note: Lugo victory speech video and all photos taken by me.

As the afternoon unfolded and accounts of voting irregularities accompanied reports that Lugo's lead over his opponents was more than a 6 point spread, there was a moment of doubt about whether what was happening in the country was really going to stand. And then the 6 point spread became a 10 point spread.

Paraguayos spilled to the streets, celebrating, weeping, and repeating, "I can't believe this is happening." By wielding several cameras, I managed to enter a few press-only events and areas to film Lugo addressing various crowds: his fervent supporters who mobilized his campaign at Alianza Patriotica, the national and international press at the Granados Hotel, and the Paraguayan people in front of their most important national symbol--the Panteon Nacional--dedicated to heroes of the nation (usually those who died in warfare).

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2 Responses to Incontrovertible and Incredible: Lugo Wins, Colorados Admit Defeat

Koranteng said...

You did pick the right time to head to Paraguay and I can just see you passing as an official observer or press hack. Good on you.

One question, it takes lots of organization and coordination to win this kind of election in the face of fraud. Can you describe a little how things were organized (phones, tallies, radio, tv...)?

Agbenyo said...

When is the official transition of power?


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