NBC's Bionic Woman Knows Paraguay Exists! Unfortunately, that's about it.

The fourth episode of the Bionic Woman remake features the unfortunate fate of a "doctor working in Paraguay" who gets kidnapped in Ciudad del Este and then, well, meets his fate at the hands of a terrorist organization called the "Sons of the Red Sand." I can't tell if they're supposed to be "foreign" terrorists (i.e. Islamic terrorists) or the homegrown variety (a FARC-like group). If you go here, you can watch for free.

But pay attention to the threat growled/yelled out at the unfortunate doctor in an accent that is clearly not Paraguayan at all. Everything that follows is absolutely wrong, of course. Paraguay _has_ passed counter-terrorism laws and would be very glad to let the U.S. mount an operation on its soil... that's what's been happening there for the last three years with our military in... Ciudad del Este! Also, I've been to _two_ airports in the Triple Frontera... there's no need for a random airstrip in a thunderstorm.

Yes, this dangerous location where the Bionic Woman dreads to go will be the site of my future research.

Some of the details are right: there's a Paraguayan flag on a box, but the Spanish uses the wrong vocabulary (stuff that comes from the Caribbean or Central America, not the Southern Cone) like "bodega." And the music should be polka half in Spanish, half in Guarani.

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nblinks said...

Well, it sounds more accurate than the movie "The Boys from Brazil" (1978), a good portion of which allegedly takes place in various Nazi-infested Paraguayan locales. Mostly what the Nazis have been up to there is to create a bunch of genetic clones of Hitler to take over the world with, but it's also alluded that they're developing injections that turn little Guarani kids' eyes blue.

The film's climactic scene takes place in Pennsylvania, and may be one of the lowpoints of all cinematic history: Gregory Peck (Dr. Joseph Mengale) and Sir Lawrance Olivier (a Simon Wiesenthal stand-in) rolling around on the floor trying to bite each other -- that's right, Atticus Finch v. Hamlet in a bloody fight to the death. "Beneath their dignity" doesn't begin to describe it.

The clip, which I really can't recommend watching, may be viewed here:


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