"Conservatives" On the Sanctuary Movement? Undocumented Migrants and the Church in the US

Some time ago, I happened to meet one of the chief organizers of the Sanctuary Movement in New York City. This is a grassroots movement within an ecumenical slice of the church in the United States (catholic and protestant) seeking to create safe places for undocumented migrants who have received increased per/prosecution because of their status following the adoption of post 9-11 legislation.

Undocumented immigration to the United States is a testy electoral issue and it happens to divide conservatives in the United States. While the GOP tends to tow a stricter line regarding amnesty or rights for undocumented migrants, the importance of this issue to the US' growing latin@ population means that the Republican party risks alienating them.

Take a look at the discussion about Sanctuary on Michelle Malkin's conservative blog.

While these comments seem to address some of the concerns in the debate on this issue:
Take away the tax exempt status of the Church for breaking laws and playing politics. That should end their law breaking.
Certainly not the first time that people have used religion to their advantage. There’s a reason that one of the more powerful combatants on a chess board is a bishop…

I'm not sure what this story contributes:

.... I was watching ‘mystery diagnosis’ on discovery health yesterday, and they had a case of an orthodox jewish boy having seizures. he had a spot in his brain that turned out to be a trichinosis tape worm, that you could only get from eating pork. but he never ate pork. turned out his family hired a ‘central american’ (probably illegal) alien to be their maid, and she had worms, and passed it by not washing her hands.

In this case they deserved it. but not in yours, may God have mercy on your daughter….

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