Fernando Lugo's Inauguration Draws World Leaders to Paraguay

Cristina Kirchner (President of Argentina) arrived in Asunción on Thursday evening, joining an array of Latin American presidents who will be on hand to witness the historic transition. Bolivia's Evo Morales (fresh off an electoral victory) and Ecuador's Rafael Correa got there earlier. News that Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega would come was greeted with a strong repudiation from the future director of the Ministry of Women due to allegations from his stepdaughter that he raped her repeatedly for two decades. He's made a last-minute decision to not attend. Tabaré Vázquez, President of Uruguay, had a much warmer reception in Asunción--he received the keys to the city. (Uruguayan electoral observers played a key role in assuring some kind of regulatory normalcy on election day.) Felipe, Prince of Asturias (heir to the Spanish throne) is also in town, as is Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou met with Lugo earlier Thursday at Mburuvichá Róga (the "house of the chief"), Paraguay's Presidential Palace. Colombia, Cuba, and Guatemala have apparently sent vice presidents. Hugo Chavez is expected on Friday morning.

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