Fernando Lugo meets with George W. Bush

In just a few hours, the Paraguayan president will meet with the current president of the United States. This is part of Lugo's second official trip to the U.S. Presumably they'll talk a bit about the economic crisis and its particular effects on Latin America (in other news, the dollar continues to strengthen here in Paraguay).

After spending a bit of time in DC, visiting the American University (and hopefully stopping by the Smithsonian... what an incredible series of museums!), he'll head to El Salvador and then Mexico, where he'll meet up with presidents Elías Antonio Saca González and Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (respectively).

Here's the photo of the meeting, courtesy of Ultima Hora:

They spoke about Paraguay's attempt to deal with rampant government corruption.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript of their jointly held press conference.

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