Paraguay Celebrates... Paraguay Protests

Paraguay beat Peru 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers. People took to the streets... Here we can see the crowd just beginning to gather. Aside from watching the children leap from the back of vehicles, one noteworthy moment is the cheer: "El que no salta es kurepi!" Kurepi is a rather derogatory term for someone from Argentina. (This reminds me of the moment when, after the Patriots won their first Superbowl and we flooded the streets for the victory parade on a very cold February day, as the duck tour boats moved down the streets and we saw the triumphant football players, the cry of joy that rose up from the crowd was, "Yankees suck!")

And just the day before, a different crowd gathered to protest a re-zoning law that would cede some territory from Asunción to Lambaré. The law was vetoed, the protest dissipated. And while it looks "exciting," it was actually low in tension and (dare I say?) seemed to me more like an excuse to take the day off than something really high in stakes.

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