Anthrosource unaware that "Search" always spelled with a "c"

Key offending term: "conduct a search by entering a key term in the Searh Engine"

Gah. This is a screenshot of the "improved" Anthrosource website. This is the journal aggregator for my discipline in the United States and the design value is quite low: the visuals are horrendous, links don't work, the search engine is incredibly limited. It seems like it was designed by and for people who don't use the internet.

And it seems that the feedback of internet savvy anthropologists has had zero effect on them. As has the feedback of dictionary or spelling savvy anthropologists (like me!) who know that the word "search" as in "Search Engine" always always always has a "c."

I sent them word about this 11 days ago and, aside from some response from Wiley (the academic journal publishers who run the site), nothing has happened. Academic journals that don't spellcheck text before publishing it?

Decisions on design and functionality should be left to people who had email accounts before entering college.

UPDATE: This has been corrected, which is good. If only the rest of the site could undergo a makeover and reconstructive surgery.

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