Where to eat: Michael Bock, German bakery in Asunción

On Pte Manuel Franco between Ayolas and Montevideo (micro-center), Asunción, Paraguay. Here you can get excellent breads (including many whole-grain varieties), desserts, a middling cup of coffee (par for the course in Paraguay), baked breakfast goods, and sandwiches. Open during the day (and not on weekends).

Notice the empty shelves? It's 9 in the morning and they are already selling out of delicious breads. Mostly German recipes (quarkbrot), but their ciabatta sells briskly. But fear not, through a large window you can see more being prepared. And while you sit, sipping coffee and nibling on your palma, read the local German newspaper. Note: no air-conditioning (this is a bakery, after all).

(Images by me.)

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One Response to Where to eat: Michael Bock, German bakery in Asunción

Uncornered Market: Dan and Audrey said...

Just arrived in Asuncion (after a long bus ride from Sucre, Bolivia). Am a little disappointed that the coffee is "middling", but am looking forward to some decent baked goods.


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