Cerro Porteño vs Olimpia SuperClásico Live-blogging Football/Soccer

Final Score: Cerro Porteño 1, Olimpia 0.

(Game starts a few minutes after 3pm... henceforth the numbers given are minutes into the game... Note, this is live-blogging from a person who knows little about soccer... But I do know the off-sides rule, which in Paraguay is called "Sigh!" when fans sees that it's violated.)

4:00 Gameplay stops because something happens and the overweight and underdressed tecnicos are on the field yelling at the ref. I think it helps that the ref is taller than anyone else and thus intimidating.

9:04 The police are on the field trying to deal with the scuffle between the two teams. I thought the Paraguay vs Chile world cup qualifier was a dicey game (I did sit in the cheap side and had my phone stolen), but the added security already seen to be needed on the field at Defensores del Chaco puts things in perspective.

10:45 Bad haircut CP dude is being moved from the field

11:10 They're playing again

12:29 Carly decides we need beer stat. I have chipa from yesterday morning. We're ready.

19:29 Here are the odds for the game, should you decide to wager.

20:25 "How is the goalie wearing long-sleeves and long pants? It's ["really," original phrase redacted] hot outside," says Carly.

22:25 Cerro seems to be much more up in the ref's business. I wonder if they feel victimized or if they're just feistier

22:58 Ugly haircuts abound!

23:36 Olimpia Corner shot! Goalie blocks it. "Arquero" in Spanish.

24:50 GOAL!!!!! Cerro put one in. The stadium erupts.

25:49 Fireworks in CdE. Also, looks like an Olimpia player accidentally aided in heading it in. Cerro 1, Olimpia 0.

28:27 FIFA writes about the old rivalry between Cerro Porteño (founded 1912) and Olimpia (founded 1902).

The club took its name from a battle fought in 1811 between the Paraguayan army and Los Porteñas (the forces of Buenos Aires) in the area around Cerro Mbae (Mbae Hill).

The first scheduled match between the two sides was cancelled when Olimpia failed to turn up, and there are various accounts of what happened when they finally did meet. According to some sources Cerro won 3-1, while others claim the game ended in a 2-2 draw. Whatever the result of that inaugural match was, the fact is that over the next six seasons Cerro won the league three times and Olimpia twice, marking the start of a fierce rivalry.
32:41 Coca-Cola is a sponsor of both teams.

41:58 Fight Fight Fight on the field! Olimpia dude went down. CP yelled at him. The national police again run on the field.

43:55 Yellow card... for someone, I don't even know who.

44:17 Red card ejection for someone on Olimpia. Correction, two dudes walk off the field.

46:07 Olimpia still arguing with ref, who writes on his yellow card

49:27 Red card... Apparently Olimpia loses another player and they're down to 8 players. Number 4 walks off the field.

HalfTime: Fireworks again go off in CdE. I feel a bit sorry for Olimpia.

Consummately Pyan ad for Taiga. Excellent production quality and touches all the right notes for what it's like to live in Paraguay.

Oh, it appears sometime last half Cerro Porteño also got a red card... they're down to 10 players (compared to Olimpia's 8).

1:54 No fights so far.

8:10 Yellow card for another Olimpian (a dude who was sitting on the bench approached the head ref and complained about a call and got a yellow card... didn't know this was possible).

9:26 Olimpia is playing better with 8 than with 11. Um, weird.

17:25 Really, whoever they removed from Olimpia and whoever they substituted in has made them noticeably better. The announcer says "Olimpia está complicando..." (they're making things difficult). Still Cerro Porteño 1 Olimpia 0.

19:07 Olimpia arquero stops a shot.

23:15 Olimpia arquero saves one again.

31:51 There's so much garbage on the field and the riot police, with metal shields, are on the corners of the field raising their shields to block debris as a Cerro Porteño player takes a corner shot.

39:13 More of the same: running across the field, falling down and crying at anything, not scoring. But, here's a screenshot of Ultima Hora's story about the first half.

Criminal aggression from Cerro's fans against Dario Caballero (wherein a Cerro Porteño fan launched a projectile against the Olimpia player and drew blood. Stay classy.)

43:03 Olimpia's goalie continues to earn his keep. But his team continues not to score.

45:00 3 extra minutes on the clock (unlike what happened in the first half when something like 11 minutes were added).

Final: Cerro Porteño 1, Olimpia 0.

Fireworks in CdE. They could also be gunshots, who knows.

National police take to the field in Asunción, along with the riot police.

The teams don't even shake hands as they exit the field.

CP leap in rhythm with their fans.

Olimpia team gestures to their hearts and proudly point to their team seal.

Shirtless Olimpia fan shows off a tattoo over his heart: the Olimpia seal.

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