Paraguay vs Bolivia: World Cup Qualifiers in Defensores del Chaco

FINAL Paraguay 1, Bolivia 0.

6:29pm Waiting for the game to start, watching from CdE, eating popcorn, and drinking cold beer. Probably I won't get my cellphone stolen this time. National anthems. Do they know the words?

1:01 yeah, they're kicking the ball a lot now. no fights so far.

27:34 still no fights, still no goals.

41:06 the Bolivian goalie is earning his pay... he's stopped something like 6 serious attempts on their goal by Paraguay. still 0 0.

45:10 GOAL!!!!!!!!!! for Paraguay.

45:38 Gordinho, number 10, put one in on a penalty kick.


1:31 more running around

36:38 this is such a balanced game. the referee is keeping the game in check re: fouls... not one yellow card ahora.

45:00 Paraguay WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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