Tango Contempo: your thursday night plans in Buenos Aires

Tango Contempo is a series of intimate performances begun by a group of tangueros (tango musicians) who were looking for a way to play classic pieces and their own compositions in a setting that's not as commercial or kitschy as the overblown showpieces found in tango shows. The result: small concerts every Thursday night at 9:30pm at Buenos Aires cafe venues.

Last night's show was at Café Vinilo on Gorriti (but check the "agenda" on the website to confirm details) and featured two sets: the first included piano, bass, bandoneón, and vibraphone performing original compositions. The second was [2004 Grammy nominee] Pablo Maimetti and Cesar Angeleri on bandoneón and guitar. Both were world class and lovely.

My favorite thing from the evening was the way Pablo (the bandoneón player) would use his body for percussion-- not only would he tap his feet or shake the body of the bandoneón, but in dramatic moments, he'd slide his right foot with a stamp and a long slip to the right.

UPDATE: Just to give a sense of the quality of the musicians we heard for 25pesos, here's one quotation about Pablo Mainetti:

"the most talented composer of Argentina's new Tango generation"

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