A Night of Vigilante Justice in Paraguay

Last night, in two separate incidents (on opposites sides of the country), two different women were attacked by two robbers each. Both times, one of the robbers lost his life and his partner was critically wounded as locals noticed what was happening and used their guns.

In Ciudad del Este, two teenagers broke into the despensa (shop) where the owner and her 14 year old daughter were threatened with rape and then robbed. The neighbors realized what was going on, barged into the store, and fired at the perpetrators, killing one instantly and tying up the other to await the arrival of the police. The dead robber, 16, is the younger brother of the survivor, aged 17.

In Asunción, a woman was mugged of her cellphone by two men. An unidentified driver noticed what was happening, shot twice -- killing one mugger and severely wounding the other -- before driving away.

The response in the online comments sections for both is the same:
bien por este señor por su acto de heroismo y caballerosidad ... good for this man for his act of heroism and chivalry

1 menos... vamos todavia ... one less, we're on our way

Excelente al que le ayudo a la joven, no podemos permitir que los asaltantes ganen las calles, excelente, yo estimado te paso la mano, muy bien, excelente, esa chica puede ser tu hermana, tu prima, vecina, la mama de alguien, tu hija, etc, bien por tu decisiòn. ... Excellent to the one who helped the girl, we cannot allow that criminals (literally "attackers") win the streets, excellent, I shake your hand, well down, excellent, this girl could be your sister, your cousin, your neighbor, somebodies mother, your daughter, etc, good for your decision.

BIEN HECHO. Well Done.

es lo mejor que escuchado en mi vida ya era hora que estos mal vivientes sean penados por la gente ya que la justicia en nuestro pais no existe .... this is the best thing I've heard in my life it was about time that these lowlifes be judged by the people as justice does not exist in our country

enfrente de mi casa ya se asalto 5 (CINCO) veces en tres meses la despensa de una sra. humilde, que da de comer con lo que gana a su familia y la hace estudiar, es el colmo como estos buenos para nada, hacen sus patranhas despojando a los trabajadores de lo poco que tienen, a esta actitud se le va la nota 10 ++, ya que si en unas de esas eran capturados por la policia coimera paraguaya, la justicia se encargaria de soltarlos .... in front of my house in the past three months five times they've assaulted the despensa of a poor woman that feeds her family from what she earns and makes them study, this is the limit of how these good-for-nothings do their misdeeds robbing workers of the little they have, to this [the neighborly vigilantes] attitude I give an A++, if one of these had been captured by the bribe-loving [literally "briby"] Paraguayan police, the justice system would be sure to let them go free

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