Arizona's New Law: Leading the way in campaign issues.

The always excellent FiveThirtyEight, in between its projections and analysis of the recent UK elections, has turned its attention to the US-based immigration debate crystallized in Arizona's new law. Although the entry is worth a read in its entirety, here are some interesting gems:

  • GOP candidates running in the Deep South, particularly Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia are running on platforms that call for similarly tough immigration laws.
  • The "Hispanic" population of Georgia is 7.4%, of Virginia is 6.8%. However, the percentage of eligible voters who are Hispanic in Georgia is 2.3%, in Virginia is 2.8%.
  • Ed Kilgore, who writes the post, hypothesizes that the low voting potential (as opposed to percentage of overall population) of hispanics has coupled with the need GOP candidates see to distinguish themselves in a flushed primary season. Thus, the attraction of a wedge issue.
  • There are concerns that a virulently anti-immigrant rhetoric will hurt the GOP at election time.

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