World Cup Football: Paraguay vs Slovakia

Holy Smokes, the definition on this Univision stream is really great.

7:34am and they're off.

3:05 corner kick for Paraguay. let's do it guys.

5:57 both Univision announcers are Argentine. "paraguashos"

13:22 I know that Roque Santa Cruz is supposed to be awesome and he's paid a lot, but I haven't seen him do anything really special or useful yet except look like an Argentine football model and fall on the ground.

16:56 A Slovakian player takes off and adjusts his boot, slowly... Strategically placed viral Nike marketing if you ask me.

19:43 I like that the announcer knows to call Paraguay's coach "Tata" Martino. (Fire in GuaranĂ­)

26:59 GOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erique Vera (number 13) makes it. Okay, guys. Let's keep it like this.

32:08 loves that Univision just took a little moment to slo-mo all the headers of Paraguay in this half, eyes fluttering, hair bouncing around.

36:26 corner kick for Slovakia... whew! It's way over the goal box.

41:07 the camera/mic is so close to the action that you can hear the ball hit the shin guards as the
Paraguayan player kicks the ball against his opponents.
yellow card for #16 in Slovakia!!!

42:36 the announcers keep saying "watch out, this looks dangerous. We've got Roque Santa Cruz in the penalty box." But, really?

44:46 yellow card for Enrique Vera, arguably the most useful player on Py's side today.

Half Time!

1:45 yellow card for #9 in Slovakia and the Py player roles around on the ground. I'm, in general, unconvinced by falling.

9:05 shirtless Pyan fan, jumping up and down. The pace of the game has changed drastically. Py isn't pushing as much for a goal as it had been in the first half.

20:22 Roque Santa Cruz, again on the ground?

36:24 Oscar "Tacuara" Cardozo comes in and Barrios is on the bench now. Tacuara means bamboo and I guess the dude is tall and skinny. This is another dude who gets a lot of praise but I don't know/see why.

Yellow card on #7 in Slovakia, the pushy fouly dude.

39:45 Now Tacuara is complaining about a hurt head? Why?

GOL!!!!!!!!!!!! (#16) Riveros did it!!!!

42:22 #13 Enrique Vera is off, replaced by #12 Barreta comes in. More Pyos take off their shirts (in the stands) as they're celebrating the favorable game.

44:20 Slovakia looks grumpy.
Four additional minutes.

Compared to the recent US games and those Australia games, especially, the refereeing has been pretty solid.


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