Update: Lugo better; After misdiagnosis, Paraguay's medical care under scrutiny.

Fernando Lugo is still in Brazil, recovering from treatment for thrombosis (some kind of a blood clot) after having been misdiagnosed with an infection by a team of Paraguayan physicians (presumably the best in the country). The Brazilian physicians who took care of Paraguay's president had strong, negative words about the quality of medical care in Paraguay and this whole experience is putting the system in the spotlight.

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One Response to Update: Lugo better; After misdiagnosis, Paraguay's medical care under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I work with doctors here, and they vary enormously in their dedication, with there often being little relation between medical knowledge and prominence (I judge by who continues to study after 'completing' medical education -which is really never finished). I don't know Lugo's doctors personally (I think), but rather than being "Paraguay's best" they seem to be those who Lugo most trusted. Martínez has been Lugo's personal physician for a long time, and Boccía, while he is on the faculty of the school of medicine of the national university, is primarily known as a political analyst. I can understand Lugo choosing who he trusts, given what he feels he needs to worry about. My understanding is that the worst weakpoint here in Paraguay is in the medical testing laboratories, which can be (I'm told) incompetent and even grossly dishonest, putting down whatever results were expected without actually doing the tests, but I admit I hear that from the point of view of the doctors.


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