Liveblogging Copa America: Paraguay vs Venezuela

So, I'll be liveblogging the game this afternoon. You can watch it here on Univisión for free (with me, too). As always, I'm not a soccer/futbol expert, but it's great fun to watch.

And we're off!

3:25 Roque Santa Cruz takes a shot at the goal, but it goes too high. This is the same line-up that tied Brazil.

5:25 and Venezuela gets a Goal. 1:0 Paraguay needs to either tie this or win it in order to advance to the next round.

32:00 Paraguay GOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39:59 Haedo starts warming up.

41:35 Haedo (18) replaces Santa Cruz (9), who apparently has some sort of pain problem.

And it's the half.

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