In Memoriam: Fernando Coronil loses his "dance" with cancer.

Fernando Coronil, the inimitable scholar of state formation in Latin America, succumbed to cancer last week. His work on energy and the Venezuelan state shaped my intellectual trajectory from the first time I read The Magical State in 2005. It was Fernando who urged me to read Augusto Roa Bastos' masterwork Yo, El Supremo while I was on the field in Paraguay--one of the finest pieces of advice I've ever received (and taken). I firmly concur with Fernando's insistence on turning to art in order to express, clarify, and complicate our understanding of the world around us, especially when conducting anthropological fieldwork.

His colleague, Gary Wilder, has written a moving In Memoriam that contrapuntally weaves a discussion of Fernando's intellectual work, scholarship, teaching, love of art, and love of the people in his life. It's lengthy, as it should be, and a satisfying read and actually a bit of an invitation to dialogue.

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