Lost Laptop: Ciudad del Este Intelligence Nightmare

It sounds like the opening of a spy thriller: the Head of Paraguay's Anti-Terrorism Unit has his laptop stolen, containing an unencrypted copy of all the classified documents of the Intelligence Agency, including those having to do with Ciudad del Este. Despite claims to the contrary, it seems that this personal computer (stolen on February 2, 2012) contained lists of confidential informants, including the names, aliases, email addresses, and family trees of individuals who've been involved with investigations regarding the Triple Frontier.

According to ABC Color, even after an investment of $30,000 from the U.S. embassy to improve security in the Unit, "Among the files was a complete list of informants who collaborated in the Triple Frontier, particularly in the investigation of principle members of extremist Arab [sic] groups, like the powerful Hezbollah."

The fear is that the critical information has been sold off and that there will be a string of retribution killings will unfold.

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