UPDATE Paternity Scandal 2.0: Paraguay's celibate Catholic Bishop/President Lugo has yet another child

UPDATE (6/6): Rumors are now flying that the mother of the 10 year old boy isn't the 40-ish year old mother, but actually, the 24-year old eldest daughter of the family. This would mean that she was 14 or 15 years old when she gave birth to Fernando Lugo's son. The whole family denies it.

Not his kid: Lugo is in Asia on a trip as this "scandal" "unfolds." (h/t Última Hora)
Paraguay's President Lugo, a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church who vowed celibacy decades ago, has yet again admitted fathering a child. This time, the son is 10 (not 2) years old and the mom is a woman currently in her 40s (not a teenager at the time of conception). It also turns out mom was married at the time and went to her Bishop for advice on how to restore the marriage, which was on the rocks. Good news! The married couple reconciled. Surprise news! In the time while they were on a break, the woman got pregnant. Great news! Now the woman, her husband, and two of their oldest children (the couple has four of their own) are salaried employees of the Paraguayan government, with benefits and secure wages in a country rocked by economic turmoil.

This brings to four the number of women who've formally filed paternity cases against Lugo, asking for legal recognition that their children (all boys) are his. He's admitted to fathering two of the four.

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