It gets worse: the situation of Haitians in the Dominican Republic

Tensions on the island of Hispaniola are on the rise and the situation of Haitian citizens (and their descendents) living in the Dominican Republic is becoming Kristallnacht-ish dire. In September this year, the highest court in the land decided to revoke the citizenship of Dominican-born descendents of Haitian migrants. Up until 2010, the DR practiced jus soli--what the United States currently practices--granting citizenship to anyone born in national territory. What this means is that some 200,000 Dominican citizens have had their status revoked.

On this past Tuesday, in front of a crowd with cellphone cameras raised, a Haitian man was alleged lynched in broad daylight (supposedly for attempted robbery). The image made CNN news (warning: graphic). The recent unsolved murder of an elderly Dominican couple who lived near the Haiti-DR border was fuel to the fire and 200 Haitians were sent back "home" over the weekend, fearing mob violence.

Haitians are scapegoated in the Dominican Republic, accused of witchcraft (read:moral turpitude) and bringing crime, reminiscent of how some in the United States characterize Latinos including Dominicans.

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