Success! Got my Antarctica World Passport at COP21 Paris

(An example of how art helps us see our world more clearly.)

And I just *happened* to have an extra passport sized photo

The 1959 Antarctic Treaty, signed by more than 50 countries (including the U.S.), designates that continent for peace and scientific research--a borderless land outside the territorial ownership of any nation. But climate change and peak oil put this at risk--> as companies and governments eye the thawing landscape for extraction. 

As a way to bring attention to these issues, artists Lucy and Jorge Orta have invited everyone to join their collaborative project: the Antarctica World Passport

Solutions 21 at the Paris Climate Conference is actually *hosting* an AWP Office, where officers read you the obligations and register your info, and where you then "cross" the border to get the passport stamped. 

There's also a public policy aspect to this. If 1million people sign on, AWP can initiate legislative proposal through the Europeans Citizens' Initiative. 

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