Paraguay Today: Naples' Trash is Paraguay's Treasure?

Have you been following the waste crisis in Napoli? Apparently, they've decided to set a former police chief to the task of getting rid of the accumulating 100,000 tons of filth in the streets... A situation that's gotten so bad that people are burning it themselves because of the health crisis and nasty smelling pollution brought on by said waste.
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Here's the highly suspicious Paraguay connection, from ABC Color:

(again, translation is mine)

Italian Businessman Proposes Sending Paraguay the Trash Accumulated in Naples

According to a report by EFE [the Spanish AP], cited in Rome, an Italian businessman has proposed sending Paraguay, via a foundation in that country, the urban waste generated by the region of Campania (whose capital is Naples), which would resolved the so-called "trash crisis," which affects that southern zone and which would benefit some 10,000 Paraguayans.

My Commentary: This is supposedly about turning the waste into charcoal. It's also waste that the Italians don't want and think is contaminating. Why is Paraguay a target destination?

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