Paraguay Today: Brazil willingly accepts Paraguayan wheat and weed.

Brazilian Jailbird Maintains Control of Paraguayan Pot (my title)

Beira-Mar maintains the empire and the [infra]structure for narcotrafficking in Paraguay.
('s title)

The confessed Brazilian narcotrafficker Luiz Fernando da Costa, aka "Fernandinho Beira-Mar," maintains the agricultural empire and the framework for his criminal organization in Paraguay, a report in the Paulista newspaper O Estado (The State) revealed today. Beira-Mar, held in a maximum security prison in Campo Grande, capital of the mid-western state of Mato Grosso do Sul, continues leading the scheme that permits the annual entry into Brazil of 80% of Paraguay's marijuana, more than 12,000 tons.

Record Production of Wheat Estimated, Stimulated by International Prices.

Representatives from CAPECO (the Paraguayan Association Cereals and Oil-Producing Plant Exporters... bleh... not the best translation) hope that 2008 be a record year in production of wheat, keeping in mind great international demand and the good price being paid for the product globally. The principal buyer of Paraguayan wheat is Brazil, which has a demand of 5 million tons. Last year's production reached 650,000 tons.

My commentary:
Oh, the irony that both Paraguay's licit and illicit agricultural products are controlled and owned from the outside... Brazilian soy and Brazilian pot. Meanwhile, I wonder how many Paraguayans are employed by the narco interests versus the wheat interests.

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