Social Deviance and Paraguay Today: Following Up On Two Herbs

I keep getting hits from people searching for something that leads them to my entry on mate cocido, which is about yerba mate, an herb that people drink in the Southern Cone and Lebanon/Syria (and now in the global North). Is it interest in yerba that leads these surfers to my site via google images at 2:30am or is it that they're searching for some really kinky porn?

And, remember my earlier entry on pot in Paraguay and Brazil? Well, here's more from ABCdigital:

Paraguay provides marijuana to Brazil

Brazilian authorities calculate that 60% of the marijuana consumed in their country comes from Paraguay. So says a UN report about the drug financing for the year 2007, released last night in Asunción. It also claims that 60% of the 5 tons of the herb confiscated in Chile also were from our country. The lowest levels of consumption of the drug were registered in Paraguay, Bolivian, and Peru.

My Commentary: Word on the street is that this marijuana comes from the Mennonite communities in the Chaco... Paraguay's version of the Amish (though a little less strict in their practice, obviously).

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One Response to Social Deviance and Paraguay Today: Following Up On Two Herbs

GM Burns said...

The marijuana comes from more-or-less regular Paraguayan farmers in Eastern Paraguay. The crop is especially popular in San Pedro, where the Asentamientos (liberated zones) and police seem to have an arrangement when it comes to this lucrative product. It is grown more spottily around the rest of Eastern Paraguay, especially when local police protection is possible. Blaming this on the Mennonites is out of character for your blog, which is generally pretty accurate about Paraguay (There are other things about which people might differ, but this is the only thing I've seen that is way off).


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