Paraguay Today: International Arms Trade Alive & Well

Viktor Bout, the Tajikistan-born ex-Russian military arms dealer who was caught doing who-knows-what in Thailand (meeting with the North Koreans? buying Chinese arms from the Burmese? getting some sun?) seems to have had a penchant for using Paraguay as a staging ground to get his weaponry to interested parties in South America. Notably, FARC in Colombia (perhaps going through the northern border with Bolivia? This is a less sexy border than the Triple Frontera with Argentina and Brazil (see: Miami Vice (2006)) that has nevertheless attracted US attention amid rumors that the Bush clan is buying up great swaths of land).

For more about Viktor:
Arms Dealer Arrested for Weapons Sale to the FARC

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One Response to Paraguay Today: International Arms Trade Alive & Well

mfolch said...

Look, if they catch too many of these guys you'll have nothing to write about.

Love you.

And I do read your blog.


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