19th Century Travel Writing: What a Woman Sees in Latin America

The caption states:

Portrait by Maria Graham of “Dona Maria de Jesus, a young woman who has lately distinguished herself in the war of the Reconcave.” Adds Graham: “Her dress is that of a solider of one of the Emperor’s battalions, with the addition of a tartan kilt, which she told me she adopted from a picture representing a highlander, as the most feminine military dress. What would the Gordons and MacDonalds say to this?” (Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, 1824, p. 292.)

This is from Mary Louise Pratt's Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation, wherein she analyzes how travel writing is used to frame exotic places in certain ways (for example, as "exotic" or "barbaric" or "so completely different from us as to be maybe almost unknowable and maybe not even human").

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