Interpreting Raul Castro's Latest Move & My Unexpected Stay in Santiago

Today's news from Cuba is that Raul Castro has announced a raise in state pensions. My guess is that this is an attempt to soften the impact of some more serious structural changes that are about to grip the nation. In order to make changes in the governance of a nation while avoiding massive amounts of unrest and protest, a great strategy is to calm the concerns of those who have the most vested interest in the system and who have the most to lose.

Today's news from my journey back to the US is that I've been stuck in the airport in Santiago for an extra 24 hrs, which is not so fun, but oh well. It has elicited humorous responses from some:

oh, honey

I would have been surprised if everything would have gone smooth for you
in this trip. Now that you are stuck in Chile, we can call it a typical
Christine trip.

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