Lessons Learned from Paraguay’s Recent Elections

1) International observers make a difference.

2) When posing as part of the press, it helps to have credentials that you printed out on your inkjet hanging from a lanyard around your neck.

3) The success of a social movement like Tekojoja is difficult to gauge: initiating the campaign of a successful presidential candidate; failing to win seats for its state and senatorial candidates; shifting the public discourse to seriously consider previously marginalized issues.

4) Many Asunción cafes are wireless and Mac-friendly. Also, having a Mac at a press conference makes you look all the more estimable in the eyes of other journalists.

5) 17th century documents from the Caja Real in Asunción’s National Archives are often easier to read from a photograph taken by a digital camera than in person.

6) Freddo sells an excellent combination of dark chocolate and dulce de leche ice-cream.

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One Response to Lessons Learned from Paraguay’s Recent Elections

ceciliabrie said...

when you gettin' home, sista?


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