Coup d'état in Paraguay: Plans to Overthrow Lugo?

"Tenemos las puertas cerradas a los golpes de Estado. (We have closed the doors to coups.)"-- General Soto, who informed Lugo of the plot.

photo of Lugo from ABC Color

Two weeks after an historic inauguration, the military seeks to take over? Proving that the age of military juntas is not over, in sad news that doesn't seem too much of a surprise, there are rumors that leaders of the Colorado Party (out of power for the first time in 6 decades and in control of the military) have been meeting to discuss how to overthrow the current democratically elected government of Fernando Lugo.

Lugo, flanked by his ministers and the highest members of the military, made an announcement yesterday that there are "coup intentions among anti-democratic and retrograde sectors" in Paraguay, chiefly former President Nicanor Duarte and former presidential candidate (and coup-attempter) Lino Oviedo. There have been secret meetings at Oviedo's according to General Bernardino Soto Estigarribia, who served under Duarte and the one who apparently informed Lugo about these troubling developments.

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One Response to Coup d'état in Paraguay: Plans to Overthrow Lugo?

nblinks said...

I read a few days ago that Lugo had replaced most of the military chiefs and changed the army's mission statement from "protect the country" to "serve the people".

I wonder if those changes enabled or hindered whatever coup plotting there's been.


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