Unanimous Support from LA Governments Amid Paraguay Coup Plot Rumors

Ambassadors from Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú, Uruguay, and Venezuela yesterday voiced their unreserved support for Fernando Lugo as the democratically elected president of Paraguay after a meeting in Asunción. Meanwhile, Mercosur and the OAS also issued statements of support in light of the accusations of a coup plot that have arisen.

It remains to be seen what the fallout of this bit of drama will be. Is this a way to shore up international support? A way to demonstrate to the military that Lugo's government has a level of international and internal legitimacy to nip any thoughts of mutiny at the bud? A way for the military to test the resilience of Lugo? A fabrication?

A way to raise Paraguay's profile to increase its leverage as it bargains with Brazil over Itaipu?

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