Fringe Art? Blu, street art in Buenos Aires // Mawatres in Spain

I think street art, with the way it uses public space and is constrained by surfaces the artist cannot control (a dented pole, an uneven brick wall already layered with half stuck sheets of paper and old peeling paint), is both fascinating and beautiful and incredibly innovative.

Muto, a project by Italian street artist Blu, submits animation to the boundaries of graffiti and the result, well, take a look:

Art is political, but while I don't know whether Blu means to, this does speak to the violent torture regime that governed Argentina during the dictatorship of the 70s and 80s.

Hat tip: Ned Batchelder's blog (via a friend's suggestion).

In other news, Mawatres, a Spanish street artist I met in New York, has a blog worth checking out, too. Here's just a sample from his fotolog.

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One Response to Fringe Art? Blu, street art in Buenos Aires // Mawatres in Spain

Tracy said...

Street art is a really good idea to put colors in a city. Buenos Aires is a city of artists, and everybody there has an aesthetic side looking for ways to beautify the city. When i travelled there, I got an apartment rental in Buenos Aires which was located in a street full of paintings. I loved to see it there every time I went out.


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