Lenguapop & Paraguay's Visual Culture, A Must-See

screen grab of Lenguapop to shamelessly entice you to take a look

I don't know when I've been so excited by an online find. Paraguay's art (visual, literary, musical) is stunningly high, especially given the isolation and size of population and wealth. Lenguapop (Lenguaje Popular... translated as "popular language," but probably better, "the vernacular") calls itself "a publicity agency that offers creative solutions." But don't let that fool you, they're doing some really sophisticated creative interpretive work on the aural and visual culture of Paraguay. Their home page captures the blend of the rural and the urban in Asunción to a tee... Look out for the guys passing the tereré in the guampa.

These are from a recent project to document urban visual culture in Asunción. For more. Or.

And Como se ingenian los perros. Their blog.

And here is Ultima Hora's story on them.

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