"Obama" means "it has changed" or "it has moved" in Guaraní

I wonder if the fact that his name literally means in Guaraní what many in the US thought it also meant contributed to the immense support President Elect Barack Obama has in Paraguay. In any case, it's quite cool, no?

Paraguay is incredibly pleased with the results of our elections, which several people have commented to me reminds them of theirs. At the Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano's election watch party last night, only non-Americans (i.e., not citizens of the USA) were allowed to participate in a mock election, which Obama won about 150 to 40. There was also a cute family of Paraguayan kids who sang two stanzas of The Star Spangled Banner. Who knew that there were two? And who knows them?

My other favorite part of the night was the cotton candy machine.

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One Response to "Obama" means "it has changed" or "it has moved" in Guaraní

Anonymous said...

There is no word, "obama," in Guarani. The word opa means it's over/past/done/gone. The suffix -ma means indicates past tense (similar in function to 'ya' in Spanish), resulting in the word 'opama.'


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