Letter to the Editor: The Financial Times

(In case they choose not to print it, here it is...)


I write to clear up an international controversy in Paraguay stirred by the public announcement by Electrobrás on page 9 of the October 31 print edition of the Financial Times. The advertisement, showing an aerial photograph of Itaipú Binacional hydroelectric dam, states “Brazilian Energy, now in New York” to celebrate the official listing of Brazil’s federal energy company in the New York Stock Exchange. Itaipú Binacional, as the name suggests, is owned equally by Paraguay and Brazil whereas the photography and text imply otherwise.

Unequal access to the energy produced by the world’s largest hydroelectric plant continues to be a source of conflict and the renegotiation of injurious energy agreements is a central tenet of the agenda of President Fernando Lugo, the popular democratically elected opposition candidate who ended six decades of one-party rule in Paraguay. The presentation of Brazil as solitary owner of Itaipú Binacional raises anxieties within Paraguay as to the intentions of the South American giant and its recognition of Paraguayan sovereignty.

p.s. To see how this incident is being reported in Paraguay, http://www.abc.com.py/2008-11-11/articulos/468557/eletrobras-se-presenta-como-la-duena-absoluta-de-itaipu

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One Response to Letter to the Editor: The Financial Times

Alvaro said...

Brazil's attitude is outrageous. Now everybody can understand why they do not wish to renegotiate the Itaipu treaty to improve Paraguay's conditions, as it should be.



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