Baby Scandal, Discrediting Fernando Lugo: A demand that the former bishop recognize his son.

The lady (and priest) in question. Image from ABC Color.

It's both possible and the most obvious tactic by which to undercut the credibility of Paraguay's new president. A report has come out today that a young woman has presented a case before the court in Encarnación (a Paraguayan border city close to Posadas, Argentina) requesting that Fernando Lugo recognize her two year old son as his own, legally. Um, as an oath-taking cleric, he's not really supposed to have been having babies and so, while he wouldn't be the first politician or priest to have broken a vow of chastity, it is a highly convenient attack, coming at a time when the Lugo government is at its weakest (credible rumors of subterfuge on the part of his vice president, a Liberal, and the previous president, a Colorado, and a failed-presidential candidate/failed-coup leader abound; plus, Lugo's had a hard time pushing through legislation in an opposition-controlled parliament and there've been cabinet-level resignations recently in protest of the president's agricultural policies).

To read more about the destabilizing claim that Paraguay's first non-Colorado president in six decades, the first former bishop in the world to rule a country, and a democratically elected left-of-center (supposedly) leader has a child on the side:

Demandan a Lugo que reconozca a su hijo (Parte 1)
("They demand that Lugo recognize his son" from ABC Color)

UPDATED. Uh oh. There's more:

Demandan al presidente Lugo por supuesto hijo no reconocido
("Lugo charged to recognize his alleged son" from Ultima Hora)

Presidente Fernando Lugo es demandado por filiación en Encarnación
("President Fernando Lugo is charged for paternity in Encarnación" from La Nación)

UPDATED again.

Demandan por filiación a Lugo (Parte 2): la supuesta relación secreta
("Demand for filiation to Lugo: The supposed secret relationship" from ABC Color)

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