Hispanic/Latino Voting in the 2012 Election: Resources

As the U.S. Presidential election draws near, here are some of my favorite resources and analysis on U.S. Latinos/Hispanics and politics in the U.S.

Latino Decisions
A fantastic site that analyzes polls and, yet, has a strongly nuanced view of the diversity of the Latino community in the U.S. (and how that might shape voter preference).

Latino Vote Map
A fantastic map of the electoral college that lets you simulate outcomes given Latino population and votes. Warning: you can easily spend hours playing with this.

Pew Hispanic Center
Fantastic research. Lots of statistics and maps.
Key finding: Latinos prefer Obama over Romney 3:1, but they're less likely to actually vote than other groups.

National Institute for Latino Policy
A non-partisan institute that has some great reports (if you're looking for historical trends, starting in the 1980s).

Citizenship and Latino Voting Eligibility
Article (slightly dated) that breaks down the numbers. Money quote:

The impact of citizenship and age on the eligibility of voters varied widely between the major racial-ethnic groups. While 77 percent of Whites and 68 percent of Blacks remained eligible voters after taking into account these two factors, only 41 percent of Latinos, 51 percent of Asians, and 62 percent of Pacific Islanders remained eligible voters.

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