Paraguay's Oil and Gas Concessions: Cool Map from the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy

Catastro Hidrocarburos/Oil & Gas in Paraguay Map

This map, found at the Paraguayan Vice-Ministry of Mines and Energy (Viceministério de minas y energía) is dated November 30, 2012 and contains a listing of the Oil and Gas concessions granted various firms throughout the country, as well as noting critical "basins" (cuencas) where petroleum and natural gas reserves might be found.

Because the print is quite small, I'll list them out. Numbers 5 and 19 (President Energy and Crescent Global Oil in the Pirity Basin) have been getting lots of press recently.

Concessions Granted ("concesiones por ley"):
1    Primo Cano Martinez
2    Amerisur (Bloque San Pedro)
3    Amerisur (Bloque Curupayty)
4    Bohemia (Bloque Alto Parana - Canindeyu)
5    President Energy Paraguay S.A.
      Pirity Hidrocarburos
17  Aurora Petroleos
18  Boreal Petroleos
19  President Energy Paraguay S.A.
      Crescent Global Oil Paraguay S.A.

Concessions In Process ("concesiones por trámite"):
6    Riviera S.A.
7    Hidrocarburos Chaco S.A.
11  MB Energia S.A.
13  C.P.P. S.A.
20  Land Oil/Crescent Oil Paraguay (Bloque Alto Parana)

Contracts Under Revision ("contratos en revisión")
21  Paraguay Gas & Energy S.A. (Bloque Norte)

Permits To Be Determined ("permisos por resolución")
8    YPF S.A.
9    AET Paraguay S.A. (Bloque Alto Parana)
10  Kilwer S.A.
12  Petropar S.A.
14  Amerisur R. PLC (Bloque Coronillo)
15  Amerisur R. PLC (Bloque Espartillar)
16  Amerisur R. PLC (Bloque Las Palmas)
17  Quincy Energy S.A.

A few notes of interest:
  • US-based Quincy Energy seems to have merged with Energy Metals Corporation of Canada, which then merged with Canadian/South African Uranium One in 2007. I wonder what this means for the undetermined permit in #17.

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4 Responses to Paraguay's Oil and Gas Concessions: Cool Map from the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy

Anonymous said...

El tema del petróleo debe ser debatido por todos dos actores que conforman la sociedad paraguaya, y dejar de ser tan solo una nota anecdótica en los medios de prensa.
Debemos explorar las experiencias de los diversos países productores de petróleo, ver su historia, sus conflictos, los poderes de los banqueros anglo-americanos tras bambalinas de los títeres del poder de turno a quienes manejan sembrando veneno de 'conflictos' guerras civiles, golpes de estado, e inclusive conflictos internacionales.
Les recomiendo ver algunos documentales para tener una vision de pájaro sobre este tema:



Se detallan las relaciones entre los recursos petroquímicos de los países y el poder político de las grandes corporaciones internacionales.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,
I recently discovered your blog and really like the entries about Paraguay and Argentina, two countries that are really dear to me. I have some material on Paraguayan history that you may like.
Please let me know if you're interested.
Kind regards from The Netherlands,
Mark Olie said...

Christine, I came across this particular post on your blog while researching material for my latest book, set in the El Chaco Borreal region of Paraguay. I wish I could pick your brain to help me plot out my story. I believe there is an "evil" oil company sucking profits from the Paraguayans--that's possible, isn't it? If you'd like to help me plot my story please email me at (I'm an established author of over 13 books, but this plotting business never gets easier.)(I can acknowledge your help on my Acknowledgments page and send you free books. Anything to bribe you into letting me pick your brain.) Thanks! - Marliss (former linguistics professor, College of William & Mary).


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