Why College Dreams End in a Hard Fall

Incredibly upsetting: For Many Poor Students, Leap to College Ends in a Hard Fall, a piece published yesterday by Jason DeParle in the New York Times, gives a glimpse into the lives of three Latinas who attempt college and don't make it.

Six Infuriating Morals to the Story:

1. Guys are the best way to sabotage your education, especially if they cheat on you, propose to you, break up with you, avoid college, get back together with you. But, hey, at least you're not alone!

2. Read the fine print of your financial aid package or else a school like Emory will find ways to saddle you with tens of thousands of undischargeable education debt. And then they'll wash their hands of it, "Hey, we were following standard procedure!"

3. Check your school email. Frequently.

4. Talking to professors and advisors when and even before things go badly is necessary. We're not mean, even if we seem gruff and when we say things that sound really hard, sometimes it's because we're upset for you.

5. Having a hard time? Non-traditional student? (Working class, minority, first generation college, veteran?) There's no structure that explicitly teaches you the hidden rules and hidden curriculum.

6. Why try? You'll still end up working retail for $8 an hour.

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7 Responses to Why College Dreams End in a Hard Fall

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