Torture Instruction & Lethal Stampedes: The Negative Public Image of Mexico's Police

(a still from the video)

Already embattled in a fury of public outcry because of the lethal stampede in a bar where high school students celebrating their graduation were killed as police raided a nightclub (parents around the city have mobilized decrying the police action), Mexico's police are sure to face even more after the release of torture videos yesterday.

A regional Mexican paper broke the news, showing several videos of members of an elite tactical group experiencing torture at the hands of other officers, as part of training intended to prepare them should they fall into the hands of organized crime groups that kidnap and torture. But given the reputation of corruption and violence within the police force, the videos have caused outrage among Mexicans who see this as instructing police how to torture.

"This group has to be prepared for extreme situations. This isn't a game of child's play. Now, this isn't about applying torture; it's so that they can resist it," explained Vicente Guerrero, a PAN leader. But this milquetoast excuse has done nothing to de-escalate the situation, which has led to broader investigations into the history of torture in the country.

And the instructive presence of the unnamed American trainer in the second video will do nothing to assuage concerns that US contractors are equipping Latin American military forces to terrorize their own people. See also Lesley Gill's The School of the Americas.

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